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2017 Shows

Presenting works by Bob Hilger, Lia Santini, Becca Howe, and guest artist Helena M. Langley.
"Bela Lugosi, the true Dracula."

2016 Shows

notforgotten: a much-delayed two-artist show with impact
"6 works, 2 dissimilar styles… or are they?" This show features works by Josh Springer and Beth Parker. You can read Statements by the artists and the Gallery's comments on this show.

2015 and Earlier Shows

Out of Nature
Spring has meaning to many, and each has their own special, unique brand of Spring. These artists chose to open their thoughts and share their Spring with us. Join us in appreciation of their works.
This show is a representation of the artistic response to one word: Winter. This response can evoke a number of ideas, feelings, memories, and thoughts, and I encourage you to see where Winter takes you!
Ice Drawings: a solo exhibition featuring art by Elizabeth Meyer
This solo Best of Show Exhibition of Elizabeth Meyer is not to be missed!
In Your Grocer's Freezer
Have you ever pondered the artistic merit of a carrot? Let your imagination and creativity flow; just don't knock over the fruit juice on the bottom shelf.
Art of Lists: a John Nieman exhibition
This is a collection selected from a series Mr. John Nieman aptly calls “Visual Riddles.”

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