a much-delayed two-artist show with impact

Death From Above by Josh SpringerDeath From Above
Josh Springer
Banty by Beth ParkerBanty
Beth Parker
It Happened Here by Josh SpringerIt Happened Here
Josh Springer
Lily Farm by Beth ParkerLily Farm
Beth Parker
Counting Sheep by Beth ParkerCounting Sheep
Beth Parker
Follow Me by Josh SpringerFollow Me
Josh Springer

6 works, 2 dissimilar styles… or are they?

Boldly defined subjects represent what the artists know, see, and feel. We see power in variety. Emphasis is applied using both color and its absence. The interplay of subject is striking – life and loneliness, nature's work and efforts to subdue it, vibrant creatures and the emptiness around them. Perhaps the light in "It Happened Here" will bring a new explosion of color and life. At the "Lily Farm," what happens when harvest comes? On the surface, the artists present opposing views, but when we stop and think, each carries the message of the other. We see raw honesty, presented in visual form.

Joseph A. Langley
Whistle Stop Gallery

We could all use "a little more joy."

"Reminding people just how small we are" is a powerful sentiment.

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