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The Whistle Stop Gallery is an exhibition space owned and operated by Joseph A. Langley, and is dedicated to providing fair opportunities for art exhibition. Artists exhibiting on the web represent themselves in all transactions. We do not ask for a commission on work in web Shows in the event of a sale. Our content is dedicated to that which is family friendly.

Need to contact us? There's a form for that! Or, you can contact us by mail at PO Box 967, Granite City, IL, 62040.

The new site

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Why should you visit?

Everyone is free to look at the artwork at any time, so you can sit back and enjoy without having to go anywhere else. At the Whistle Stop Gallery website, the art comes to you!

No one will feel pressure to buy. Let's be honest, we all avoid situations with annoying salespeople. Here at the Whistle Stop Gallery web site, there is no pressure, because all of the purchasing is done directly between the artist and art lover. Also, I don't ask for any of the sale, so what you pay isn't dependent on paying me a hefty fee; some galleries expect 40% of the sale amount to be paid to them!

So… where's the artwork?

The Whistle Stop Gallery will be displaying artwork on the web a little differently than before. Don't worry, nothing's going away. For all the web shows, you can visit the Show Directory. It will explain the changes in how the shows are listed. Soon you'll also see a Gallery Directory. It's an exciting new idea that I think artists and visitors will both appreciate.

This site is part of a commercial enterprise. It is intended to provide a unique showcase experience for artists and a unique viewing experience for visitors to the site. This site is designed, operated, maintained, administered, and copyright Joseph A. Langley.

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