helena m. langley, biography

Helena is a photographer at heart. She has been shooting since she was a teenager and enjoys both black and white and color photography.

"I don't like to shoot people. I don't want to modify the person. I won't make them into someone they're not. With all the manipulation tools available, people not only want to look like someone else, they expect it. But then you've removed the real person. I won't do that."

Helena uses her photography gift, seeing the picture, in her paintings and sculptures.

"All of my pieces have their roots in my photography. I see the piece whether it be a painting, sculpture or a photo itself. Then I create from the image I saw."

When asked what artist she models her work after, "I don't like to have my creativity set in a mold. Stifled. My art is just me."

"Art is a means of self expression. Every piece of my art means something...to me."